Impact Healthcare makes its third investment within one year with a minority stake into the capital of Clinique de Maisonneuve SA

After home care and pain management, Impact Healthcare is partnering with Clinique de Maisonneuve, a recognised player in the canton of Geneva for post-acute care in its inpatient and outpatient centres.
Created in 2013, Clinique de Maisonneuve has developed personalised and multidisciplinary rehabilitation care by offering a stationary rehabilitation structure with 44 rooms, as well as a 100% outpatient rehabilitation centre since December 2020.

Impact Healthcare is thus continuing to deploy its strategy which consists in providing support to patients throughout their journey, to improve their comfort of life until they regain their autonomy.

We are faced with an important social problem. Aging and Covid have shown us how fragile society and the healthcare system are and how dependent we all are on them. This confirms our intention to develop Impact Healthcare to benefit patients, says Thierry Mauvernay, President of Impact Healthcare. We are all the more pleased to support Clinique de Maisonneuve, whose post-operative care, particularly outpatient and at home, is an essential support in the plan to live and age well.

Link to the full press release (in french).