Create value by investing in listed assets


The Finance department contributes to the value creation objectives by building and managing a highly diversified portfolio of listed assets. This portfolio aims to be resilient to cyclical ups and downs by targeting themes of superior growth and profitability that are sustainable and create value over the long term. The objective is to adapt the portfolio to the forces that are reshaping the global economy and to decorrelate it from cyclical shocks by favoring disruptive themes rather than geographical lines, while maintaining a defensive investment base.

Our investment philosophy

  • Strategic defensive allocation

  • Absolute performance objective– No benchmarks, no relative performance, no obligation to invest

  • Investments of conviction – Themes of sustainable and non-cyclical growth, opportunistic management

  • High diversification – Within asset classes and across management styles

  • Multiple investment vehicles – Funds, direct lines, ETFs, futures

  • Active global risk management – Internal monitoring of portfolio risk


Meet the Après-demain Finance team

Samuel Moulin

Samuel Moulin

Director, Finance Department & Chief Investment Officer
Guy Voegeli

Guy Voegeli

Associate Director, Cash Management & Forex
Thomas Bender

Thomas Bender

Financial Analyst