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A group with two main focus areas

Life Science

Created by Dr Rolland-Yves Mauvernay in 1979 and joined by his son Thierry Mauvernay in 2001, Debiopharm consolidates its expertise in the development of innovative therapies in oncology and infectious diseases.


Asset Management

In 2006, through the initiative of Thierry Mauvernay, a diversification division was developed to generate additional income and mitigate the risks of Debiopharm's activities.

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What does Après-demain offer?

  • A positive impact on lives through healthcare, by improving the patient treatment journey in the field of oncology and bacterial infections.

  • Our shared values:
    Agility. Efficiency. Passion. Ethics. Creativity. Commitment.

  • More meaning to investments by contributing  to the improvement of the environment, education, nutrition, housing, leisure and human services.


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