Our portfolio company Batipart Immobilier Long Terme (BILT) has sold its assets in the healthcare sector in Spain and Italy to Cofinimmo

Batipart, an important European real-estate investor majority owned by the Ruggieri family, has just divested through its subsidiary Lagune International the property of 24 elderly care facilities to the Belgian REIT Cofinimmo, for more than €340 M.

These assets, managed by Korian and Domus Vi, are located in Italy (6) and in Spain (18).

Valérie Calvayrac, Senior Vice President Asset Management of Après-demain and member of supervisory board of BILT (Batipart Immobilier Long terme) underlines :

 The divestment of this particular asset type in the healthcare sector which is considered mature, corresponds to Batipart’s strategy of focusing its attention on assets requiring additional asset management and transformation work.

Link to the press release.