La Solution

A major player in homecare services in the cantons of Vaud, Neuchâtel and Broye fribourgeoise.

La Solution’s primary mission is to enable patients to reside in their own homes, even when facing weakness due to age, illness, or disabilities. On a daily basis, La Solution cares for nearly 500 patients, helping them to maintain the highest possible level of autonomy.

La Solution employs 150 staff and is based in Yverdon, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

Why we invested

In terms of size, the number of patients/beneficiaries, and caregivers, La Solution stands as the leading private provider in the Canton of Vaud. Our impact is immediate, tangible, and daily, as we facilitate homecare. Continuously identifying unmet needs enables us to positively influence the quality of time dedicated by those involved in caring for and assisting people in need.