AMAD HomeCare

Homecare services in the Canton of Vaud

Founded in 2016 in Lutry, in the Lausanne region, AMAD is renowned as a key player in managing situations necessitating technical care, such as enteral and parenteral nutrition or palliative care.

By meticulously managing its expansion within small geographical regions, AMAD delivers care to over 250 patients through small, dedicated teams, thereby fulfilling one of their primary expectations and distinguishing itself from public and many private organizations.

Currently, AMAD employs approximately 60 individuals in the Canton of Vaud, serving the La Côte, Lausanne, and Yverdon regions.

Why we invested

Catherine and Mourade Djaouti, the founders of AMAD, leveraged their experience as independent nurses to establish a highly qualitative model, encompassing technical care, small teams, and meticulous intervention planning. This model has not only achieved commendable economic performance but also serves as a blueprint for IHC's other portfolio structures.