Après-demain supports TOWT in its fundraising, for the new build of two sailing cargo ships

Founded in 2011 by Diana Mesa and Guillaume Le Grand, TOWT (TransOceanic Wind Transport) transports goods (such as coffee, cocoa, spirits, etc.) around the world… on board sailing ships.

In order to tackle the global warming crisis, TOWT now wishes to expand its activity by operating its own larger vessels.

At the same time, still with the vision of environmental and social impact, the company has developed an ambitious certification program for transported goods called “Anemos”, which allows product logistical, human and environmental traceability, for a better transparency of producers and an increased consumers’ well-being.

Thierry Mauvernay, President of Après-demain, comments :

The TOWT project echoes our GeneRActions Planet initiative, which aims to support lifestyle changes in the context of global warming. We are also very glad, through the TOWT investment, to contribute to the development of companies that act for our planet’s decarbonisation.

Link to their website