Après-demain SA invests in the Hoppen Group

Après-demain SA is delighted to join forces with Hoppen, the French leader in phygital support solutions for patients and healthcare facilities. This investment will enable the group to accelerate the deployment of its new offers, continue its international expansion and reorganize its capital around a smaller number of investors alongside management.

Hoppen, which is well-established in hospitals and private clinics, has leveraged this proximity to develop physical and digital solutions aimed at improving the functioning of healthcare facilities. This new offer covers patient support solutions at each stage of their medical journey, from pre-admission to returning home, as well as providing digital tools for healthcare staffs to improve their quality of life at work.

The group has already supported over 5 million patients through its various solutions and has just been nominated for the French Tech 2030.

Thierry Mauvernay, Chairman and CEO of Après-demain SA, comments:

We’re delighted to be joining forces with the Hoppen team and its historical shareholders Extens and Geneo, and to contribute to meeting the challenge of improving the way healthcare facilities operate as well as the quality of life of patients and caregivers by providing them with innovative and relevant digital and human solutions.

Link to their press release