Après-demain SA invests in eeproperty’s first fundraising campaign

Eeproperty, a leading company in real estate technology for shared spaces, has reached another milestone towards its expansion with the strategic support of Après-demain SA.

Founded in 2015, it reached break-even in 2019 especially thank to its solutions for managing and using building infrastructure.

This collaboration enables eeproperty to strengthen its presence on the Swiss market, as well as accelerate its development and the rollout of its new energy monitoring, management, optimization and billing solution.

The alignment of values between eeproperty and Après-demain SA is proving to be the cornerstone of this promising partnership. The two entities share a common vision focused on promoting solutions with a positive, tangible impact, for both owners and tenants.

Thierry Mauvernay, Chairman of Après-demain SA, emphasizes:

The eeproperty project echoes with our GeneRActions Planet initiative, which aims to support lifestyle changes in the context of global warming. Their project, designed to empower homeowners and tenants by reducing energy consumption, acts directly in favor of reducing our planet’s carbon footprint.

Link to their press release (french)