Environmental Impact

Preserving our planet by promoting efficiency, developing sustainable energy and protecting our environment

We are concerned about the environmental impact of our Life Science business and our investments. We have been taking a proactive approach for over 10 years. We are working on better controlling our energy consumption and the good management of raw materials at our sites in Lausanne and Martigny. At the same time, we select investments and manage our property portfolio to limit ourcarbon footprint.

Through our investments

Through our capital markets and private equity divisions, we select investments in renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass co-generation) in Europe and North America or in companies supplying green energy producers. In terms of our real estate portfolio, we are renovating our buildings to improve their energy efficiency and we favor non-fossil fuels for heating.

  • 40% of our direct investments are in renewable energies

  • 23% of our financial investments are green-oriented

  • 47% of our real-estate holdings are heated by a non-fossil installation

  • The average of our buildings has a B energy label since 2020

  • Our average portfolio meets the 2030 objectives of the Confederation (14.86kg CO2/m2).

Through our headquarters

We are convinced of the need to commit ourselves to sustainable climate protection. By voluntarily declaring our membership of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency program, we commit ourselves to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency. In this way, the Federal Government, the cantons and the private sector partners comply with the agreement on objectives.

Energy consumption
25% decrease since 2014
Electricity consumption
17% decrease per year due to light source changed to LED as of 2018
Our headquarters in Lausanne

Through our manufacturing site

We strive to optimize the energy of our buildings and our entire production chain to keep energy consumption as low as possible despite a significant increase in production. Among the many improvements made, of note: the installation of a heat pump and energy recovery, the installation of LED lighting, insulation, preventive maintenance, the renovation of a building with the installation of low temperature radiant heating. In addition, we have reduced the use of halogenated solvents by a factor of 3000 units (3000g => 1g) since 1997.

Triptorelin production
212% increase in production (months of treatment) since 2010
Electricity consumption
27% increase in electricity since 2010. We have managed to stabilize our energy consumption in comparison to the consequent increase in production activities
Gaz consumption
37% decrease since 2010
Water consumption
61% decrease since 2010
Our manufacturing site