Long-term Participations

Collaborating with visionaries to ensure the long-term sustainability of mature companies


Long-term partnerships with men and women who embody the values and visions that are implemented in private or listed companies.

Since 2017, we have been developing privileged relationships with leading companies in booming markets and generating regular cash flows with the aim of forming long-term partnerships (>10 years). Usually located in Western Europe, these mature and established companies are facing transfer and/or development issues and their managers are looking for a minority and stable shareholder.

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Investing in 1 to 2 companies per year to build a portfolio of 5 to 6 holdings

Average amount
50-100 M €
Company Types
Private or listed midcap companies (equity value 200-1000 M €)
Sustainable growth sectors
Usually Western Europe
Dividend yield
Expected 3-6% minimum


Two investments illustrate our participation approach

  • Private company active in real estate investment with long-term returns, in the health, leisure and office sectors in Europe.

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  • A long-term partnership to develop projects in the renewable energy sector in Northern America.

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A team of professionals with diverse and complementary backgrounds, selects and supports companies

Valérie Calvayrac

Valérie Calvayrac

Senior Vice President Asset Management
Alexandra Le Coz Sanchez

Alexandra Le Coz Sanchez

Secretary General Asset Management
Sébastien Beth

Sébastien Beth

Director, Private Equity Department


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