Real Estate

Managing and optimizing a direct and indirect real estate portfolio in Switzerland and abroad

Real Estate in Switzerland

Consolidation of the asset base through the optimization, development, management and acquisition of real estate assets

The Real Estate department is dedicated to consolidating the asset base by focusing on the management of the Next Immobilier SA portfolio, consisting mainly of quality residential and commercial properties based in French- and German-speaking Switzerland.

Particular attention is devoted to the maintenance of the buildings through regular investments supervised by official and local agents.

The fund pursues an investment policy by increasing its assets through the development of construction projects and by seizing acquisition opportunities throughout Switzerland.

International real estate

Geographic and sector diversification through holdings in real estate companies

With the aim of strengthening the diversification of the group’s real estate assets, Après-demain SA has, since 2012, successively taken minority stakes in listed and unlisted European real estate companies.

Current participants in Batipart Immobilier and two investments sold in Cegereal and Eurosic.